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Kokkinisto- Tenderloin with Tomato sauce with Cinnamon and Cloves

Yields1 Serving


 700 g Beef tenderloin in pieces
 1 cup ILIADA Extra Virgin Olive oil
 ½ cup Flour
 1 Glass of red wine
 2 Bay leaves
 1 Jar KYKNOS Tomato sauce with Cinnamon and Clove
 Salt and Pepper
 34 Potatoes
 ODYSSEY Pomace oil for frying

Salt the meat and powder lightly with the flour.


Sauté the meat on both sides in the Pomace oil and finish off with the red wine.


Add the KYKNOS Tomato Sauce with Cinnamon and clove, the bay leaves and
salt and pepper.


Bring the food to a boil and let the sauce thicken


Taste for salt and serve with fried potatoes.


If you do not have the KYKNOS Tomato sauce with Cinnamon and Clove then you can prepare
some by yourself. You will need a box of KYKNOS crushed Tomatoes, a chopped onion, ¼ cup
Olive oil, ½ tsp cinnamon, ½ tsp ground cloves, a Bay leaf, salt and pepper. Sauté the Onion,
add the tomatoes and the rest of the ingredients and bring to the boil. Use your sauce as above.